A Satisfied Customer and a 20kW Solar PV project

50 x 400W Solar Panels on a Yorkshire Stone roof using the GSE In Roof mounting system

OpenSolar 3D Modelling Software used for design to MCS Standards
Saving our Planet, day by day, massively. Saving Money too

We installed a 20kW solar system using 2 x SolaX 7.5kW Inverters Model number X1-HYBRID-7.5-D connected in Synchronised Parallel mode. The system includes a fully Automated Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Emergency Power Supply (EPS) to provide an off grid failover solution in the event a power failure, which unfortunately happens quite frequenly in this beautiful rural location of South Yorkshire. The Inverter operates in Island mode when running on EPS mode and automatically switches out of EPS mode into synchronised Grid Connected mode when power is restored.

This graph shows expected power generated using MCS specified calculations throughout the Year

The System has an East facing array of 20 Solar PV Panels, a West facing array of 18 Panels and a South Facing array of 12 panels. With multiple arrays the system generates power throught the day as the sun rises in the East, heads South and then sets in the West.

The Solution is integrated with a myenergi zappi EV charger ensuring that power is only exported to the grid when the EV is fully charged.