Solar PV, Growatt and 13kWh of Battery Storage

My monthly Electricity charge is much lower

I need Solar and Battery Storage

In 2016 our client had owned a home and installed a Solar PV solution without battery storage. This was back in the days of government backed feed-in tarrifs and low electricity prices. The system delivered an excellent return for our client and we were invited to quote on a Solar solution incorporating battery storage.

The Home and Roof

The property is a smaller 2 bedroom home with limited roof space. Fortunately the home has a South East facing roof which was large enough to accomodate a single Solar PV array of quantity 8 x 400 Watt Solar Panels.

Designing a System

After reviewing electricity consumption, useage patterns and discussing the options available our client settled on an installing comprising panels providing a peak 3,200 Watts (3.2kW) of Solar electricity provided by the 8 panels. We were also asked to make provision for another array once the client has had roof work completed. The additional array will provide a further 2,800 Watts (2.8kW) of electricity.

Based on electicity usage patterns we also designed and specified a battery storage solution of 13 kWh which has proven more than suitable to cover a typical days electricity use while also covering those cloudy days when solar generation is lower.

Although the system was only commissioned late in February 2023, followed by a very overcast and rainy March. By the end of August the system has generated 2,213 kW (2.2MW) of electricity, around 12kWh per day. This generation has totally offset our clients consumption and the system has also generated over 750kWh which has been sold back to their energy provider saving further money.

Solar PV Panel Test

One of the tests when installing a Solar PV Panel is the Isc test (Solar Panel Short Circuit Current). This PV panel made by TW SOLAR is a 400W Mono All Black. The Isc is rated at 10.97A under standard test conditions.

A picutre of a Fluke 325 current clamp showing Solar Panel DC Current of 8.4 Amps

The Completed Installation

A newly installed solar and battery storage system

The newly installed solar and battery storage system tucked away neatly in the Customers Garage

Electricity Production and Consumption

The January before solar image shows Electricity consumption on the Customer’s Ivie App and then in April after the Solar PV system was installed. The 21.4 kWh image is from the Growatt mobile app.

Ivie App showing power generated on an April day
A sunny day today with power generated shown on the Growatt App