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Government extends VAT saving to Battery Upgrades

Now is an amazing time to consider solar and battery storage, as the Government extends VAT relief on Battery Storage from 1st February 2024. These changes could bring tax incentives of an impressive £280 million, aimed at significantly improving the energy efficiency of British homes over a five-year period.

This makes payback times for solar and battery storage now lower than ever before – thanks to the potential of VAT, improved solar panel efficiency, and the lowest cost of battery storage ever!

Join us in seizing this unique moment to embrace sustainable energy solutions and contribute to a greener and more cost-effective future for your home!

Choose a Solar System for Decades of Free Electricity

In the UK, sunshine can be a scarce commodity, nonetheless, even on short and dark winter days your solar PV panels will keep producing free solar-generated electricity. A properly designed and installed solar system works just like compounded interest on a financial investment, like a gift that keeps giving – and it’s environmentally friendly too.

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Our Solar PV generation has exceeded our expectations!

After checking our customers electricity consumption we designed and installed a Growatt System with 13kWh of battery storage in March 2023. The Growatt monitoring reveals that Solar Energy production has exceeded total Battery discharge since installing the system. This customers electricity bill is now mostly comprised of the daily standing charge

Monitoring on a SOLAX system we installed shows Solar power exceeding load power. When the storage battery is fully charged excess electricity is exported to the grid the utility Company pays a feed-in value of 15p per kWh – thanks Octopus. The blue graph show Solar Energy charging the storage battery. It almost always pays to store electricity and use it later and with todays powerful and long lasting batteries this is achievable. This install was for a very smart customer who took advantage of his roof space to maximise the total Solar PV panel capacity.

Putting you in control

Feed-in to the grid and sell excess electricity back, use the electricity to charge your EV, heat water, power your Heat Pump and more. Solar PV puts you in charge.

Battery Storage

Add a battery storage system to gain further flexibility. Battery storage stores free electricity generated by solar panels for use during low solar generation, e.g. at night. During winter you can buy cheap off-peak electricity rather than pay premium rates.

A Brief History of Solar PV

The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which electrons are ejected from a material when light shines on it. The materials commonly used for a Solar PV (photovoltaic) cell are Silicon and doping materials like boron and phosphorus.

This image of Albert Einstein accompanies the description on the invention of the photovoltaic effect as so well used in Solar PV Panel technology

Did you know that Albert Einstein won the Nobel prize for his discovery of the photoelectric effect, the same effect that powers a modern Solar PV Panel – even on a cloudy UK day.

Albert Einstein
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921

So here are our results:

You can clearly see the increase in efficiency in Solar PV Panels over just 33 years. It’s also interesting to note that panels are getting larger and larger. The Trina Solar Vertex 700 W (Watt) monocrystalline silicon solar panel has dimensions of 2.384 by 1.303 meters and weighs in at a monstrous 38.3 kilograms!

These pictures demonstrate the power generated from 2 Solar PV systems. The one is from 2015 and uses 305 Watt panels, the other uses modern (2023) 430 Watt panels. Both graphs are generated using the procedure outlined in the MCS MIS 3002 ISSUE 4.0 document

Comparing a 2015 system to a 2023 system

The twelve 2015 305W (Watt) panels generate an annual output of 3,580 kWh versus twelve 430 Watt panels generating 5,024 kWh annually, a massive 40% increase

Three Important Decisions to consider

Firstly, install as many High Power Solar PV panels as you possibly can. This sets you up to maximise Solar Energy available. Secondly, install a Higher Power Hybrid Inverter. This will allow you run larger loads in your home, charge your Electric Vehicle faster, power your Heat Pump etc. Thirdly, install battery storage, These three decisions give you options and can pay good dividends.

Our qualified MCS engineers can help you with detailed information around the most suitable installations.

Don’t Sell yourself Short

Higher power means Dealing with the Distribution network operator (DNO). All high power system must comply with the EREC G99 requirement. We obtain the DNO permission as part of your installation.

Save 20%

New Solar PV Panel and Storage Battery installations are ZERO VAT rated until 31st March 2027 – that’s a massive 20% saving!

Solar Technology keeps improving

Working out if, and by how much, Solar PV technology has improved easy to see. Find the specification of a Solar PV panels over the years, calculate the surface area of the panel, now check the specification for power generated under Standard Test Conditions (STC), i.e. irradiance of 1000W/m2 at 25 degrees Celsuis. (Irradiance is simply a measure of light expressed in Watts per meter2)

Solar PanelWattsEfficiency per m2 vs 1990 panel
1990: ARCO M55 – Monocrystalline 12% efficiency 1.02m * 0.56m = 0.57m255 WattsOur reference
2000: Sharp ND-120SH – Monocrystalline 18.5% efficiency
1.2m * 0.6m = 0.72m2 (Note larger Solar PV Panel size)
120 WattsIncrease Watt vs 1990 panel = 73%
2015: LG LG325N1K-G3 18.5% efficiency 1.67m * 1.15m = 1.92m2 (Panel size increased)325 WattsIncrease Watt vs 1990 panel = 114%
2023: Candian Solar CS6R-435H-AG 22.5% 1.722m * 1.134m = 1.95m2 (Panels even bigger)430 WattsIncrease Watt vs 1990 panel = 128%

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Solar PV panels with battery storage, a domestic install

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